Unless You have Multiple Lives, It’s Time to Live the One You Got

Living life is not something you should wait to do. The whole idea of a 401k is a myth perpetrated by the man to keep the little people down. If you buy into the notion that we will all retire one day and then you’ll finally be able to live your life, then you my friend are a sucker. Sit back and actually think about it. You mean to tell me when you’re young, you should spend all your time working for someone else so that many, many years in the future you will be able to have sweet glorious freedom, right around the time your body starts falling apart. It’s totally crazy. A better course of action would be to rack up a bunch of debt now, living life, and when you’re immobile anyway, then you can work behind some desk and earn back the money you spent when you were able to live it. But it’s all a matter of choice. If you want to start living life now, here are some things to do.

Leave Your Job


This one goes without saying. Quit Your Job. Also, it doesn’t mean that you should strive to have income. Quite the opposite, you still need money to get by and do things. But what it means is don’t focus so much on the bottom dollar and that bank account number, instead, focus on living your life. Quit your job so you can focus on the things that matter to you instead of this insane notion of doing what the man tells you and then you go home and regret your very existence. It’s no way to be. Unbind yourself.

Get a Brand New Vehicle


New cars do a lot to make you feel a chance in your life. We often use the eras of our lives of times we owned different cars as benchmarks of what our life was life. So you too should do that, with this new chapter of your life. So get yourself to Temecula Toyota to start seeing what kind of cars they have that you can see yourself in. You’ll be surprised at how affordable it might actually be to get into a new car, and it won’t matter that you just quit your job. Plus, who cares, who really cares. What would you rather have, a good life now, or maybe a good life later? Please. You might also want to compare costs of new cars to the cars here: Toyota Escondido.

Eat Good


You can also make a big change by foregoing this silly notion you have to save money by going to fast food places. Instead of eating three fast food meals a day, eat two good meals, with fresh fruits and hummus and avocados. It’ll make your quality of life so much better. It’s easy to do and it’ll be so good for you and the loved ones in your life. Just eat a salad with some tuna in it.