School Days are Here – Packing for Your First Trip to College

The day you have been dreaming of has finally arrived. You have been waiting for years to finally graduate from high school and go to the college of your choice and now it is happening. While it all may seem a little surreal at first, once reality sets in and the day draws closer and closer you are going to realize that you need to make some preparations so that you have everything you need for your big move. You want to be sure that there are some essentials that you take with you as you pack up for your first trip to college so you can be sure you have everything you need to get yourself off to a good start.

African American mother helping daughter pack for college

African American mother helping daughter pack for college

Bedding – You probably have not given much thought to bedding at all over the last few years since your parents have taken care of it for you, but now at college you need to make sure you have it all for yourself. You want to find out exactly what size bed you will have available to you in your dorm so you can be sure to get sheets that fit properly. Many college dorms actually have extra-long twin beds so you need to make sure you get sheets that are the right size for you. You also want to have blankets, pillows and pillow cases, but remember you do not want anything too bulky or awkward to handle since you will have to wash it all yourself.

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The Right Bathroom Items – There is no doubt you will remember things like your toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant and the like, but there are also a couple of specialty items you want to bring along as well that you will find indispensable. Shower shoes will be very important to you at college. You will be sharing the shower area with other people so having waterproof shoes or flips to wear in the shower will be a big help to you. You also want to make sure you bring some towels of your own, a caddy to carry your shower items, a bathrobe (critical if you need to walk down the hall to the shower) and a first aid kit with some basics so you can avoid having to go to the health center all of the time.
Cleaning Supplies – While you may pick up some things after you get to school, it never hurts to have some of the basics with you when you arrive in case anything needs to be cleaned first. You also will not be sure who is responsible or when common areas get cleaned, so having things like a plunger, toilet cleaner, a mop, a light vacuum and window cleaner can be important.

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Once you have everything packed up you will be ready to go and you can always bring things you may have forgotten on your first trip back home. You may want to be sure that your car is ready for this type of trip as well so you not only have the space to pack but you have reliable transportation for when you are away from home. You can find great new and used cars that have everything you need when you visit a Toyota dealer in Fountain Hills like Right Toyota. The salespeople here can point you to just what you need so that you have the best car to start your college career off the right way.