Commercial Car Options


You might have bought your family’s new car from Ontario Ford and loved the service, but now that you need to buy a vehicle for your company, where are you supposed to turn? Did you know that Raceway Ford and most other Ford dealerships offer a great variety of commercial vehicle options in addition to the sedans and other cars they carry?


Raceway actually has its’ own commercial vehicle department that specializes in these type of sales and can help you find what you need. They carry a huge variety of options when it comes to commercial vehicles. They carry the Transit Direct, E-Series Van, E-Series Wagon, E-Series Cutaway, Super Duty Pickup, and Chassis Cab. Whatever you’re in the market for, their commercial vehicle team can help you find it. Whether you’re hauling a group of people to and from a job site or hauling heavy equipment, they’ve got something to fit any need you might have for your business. From farmers to musicians, everyone needs a commercial vehicle at some point and Raceway is proud to provide you a variety of options. So why not turn to the company that you trusted and felt comfortable with when you bought your family’s car? Your work vehicle is no less important. Let us put you in a work truck that you can trust to get you, your employees, and your equipment where you need to go safely and efficiently. Our dealerships use commercial Ford vehicles every day for complimentary customer shuttles and more. We trust them above all other vehicles on the road for commercial use and we’ll show you why they work so well. Stop by the dealership today and let us show your our fleet of vehicles and then take one on a test drive.